What I Noticed When Seeking Homes In Royal Harbor

I have been looking for a home in Royal Harbor Naples for a while, and I have not had any luck. Even though I have viewed a decent number of properties, I feel like I am not finding a place that makes me compelled to buy it. That is a shame since my goal was to finished with my house hunt about a month ago.

The reason for my hesitance is the fact that so many homes have things that are not ideal about them and I am not sure they are worth the hassle. Another thing to look at if you are house hunting is Royal Harbor past sales.
Here are some of the things that I have observed:

Dirty Homes

You would be surprised at the number of homes I have come across that were dirty and unkempt. There is nothing worse than trying to imagine all of my items in a place that looks like it could use a broom and mop. If you are selling your home, think about having a professional cleaner come in and give the place spruce up before you allow anyone to look at it.

Cluttered Homes

This is one of my biggest pet peeves. There is a huge problem with anyone who believes it is okay to show a cluttered home to buyers. There is no way I can adequately gauge the size and dimensions of a property if it is filled with all types of clutter. Try placing your things at a friend’s house or in a storage unit so I can see your property without having to stare at all of your stuff.

Lingering Sellers

I do not want to see sellers when I am looking for a home. The house means too much to you, and I am a bit uncomfortable walking through and judging different aspects of the place while you are staring at me. You should try hiring a realtor. I am far more comfortable talking to them about my reservations without having to speak to someone who may take offense to what I say.

I also don’t want to hear anyone get defensive when I say what I do not like. It is upsetting and can sour the whole deal.

Inflated Prices

There are a couple of places that I loved, but the sellers were not willing to negotiate at all and the prices they were asking for were higher than comparable homes in the area. I know that everyone wants to come out on top when it comes to property deals, but you should not place your price so high that it scares off people who may be interested in buying sooner rather than later.

These are some of the things that I have had to deal with while on the search for a home. If I had not experienced these things, I am sure I would have already had a place by now. If you are selling your house, think about all I said since it could mean the difference between selling soon and having your property in the market forever. Get more idea of the nearby shopping options in Royal Harbor.