Participant Information


The Forum is open to all currently enrolled University of Miami students, in all disciplines/fields.


We welcome submissions from all disciplines. The sole requirement is that the POSTER be ORIGINAL and COMPELLING.

Participants must:
REGISTER/APPLY online for the competition
SUBMIT a 250 word abstract of your paper/project by March 12, 2010. Review the RCF guidelines for writing abstracts.


Click here for examples of abstracts.
Abstracts should be based on original work or research that may include work in progress (preferably work near to completion), either published or unpublished. Students submitting abstracts must be responsible for the major portion of the work submitted. Multiple co-authorship with faculty is appropriate.

Your abstract should be 250 words and contain:

Brief introduction
Summary of methodology
Results and conclusions OR Style, goals, craftsmanship, aesthetics, and analysis (as appropriate)
Applicants are accepted to the Forum based on the content of the abstract submitted as part of the application.


All students must arrive by 8:30 am on Tuesday, April 6th to check in and set up their posters/projects. ALL posters/projects will be displayed at the Field House.
All students must check in prior to entering the Field House. The check in desk will be at the entrance of the Filed House.
All students are required to stand by their poster throughout the session.
You will receive your nametag and tack board location at check-in.
Please bring your own pushpins, tape, scissors, staples, and other supplies. We will not provide you with supplies.
All poster/projects must be removed by 12:30pm.